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Convection Combo Oven

Set new benchmarks for versatility and performance in your kitchen with our acclaimed combi oven.

With all the benefits of a commercial convection oven and steamer in one advanced design, the Groen ComboEase Combi Oven delivers faster cooking times, enhanced control over high-volume kitchen production and — most importantly — food that’s more flavorful and nutritious. In addition, the ComboEase offers a simplified cooking process that rivals other full-size commercial combination ovens on the market today.

The Groen ComboEase Combi Oven is easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain, and offers the premium performance of a top-tier steamer. That’s because with the ComboEase, minerals and dissolved solids stay suspended in water and confined underneath the steam lid. With its boilerless reservoir design, the ComboEase offers low gallons-per-hour water usage for significant savings on utility costs. There’s also no scattering that causes corrosion, warping or rusting that occurs in competitor models.

The versatile ComboEase can replace multiple pieces of equipment in commercial kitchens of all sizes, including K-12 cafeterias, delicatessens, healthcare foodservice operations, restaurants and more. There’s no limit to what’s possible with Groen’s premiere combi oven solution — and it’s all backed by a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Intuitive controls include auto-return settings at the end of cycle
Back fan for better energy and heat distribution
Hands-free door latch and rear-mounted fan ensure easy operation
  • CrispEase function is ideal for browning and crisping foods such as French fries, poultry and potatoes au gratin — all without the added use of unhealthy oils
  • Side-by-side pan configuration provides easy front access to all pans, improving safety and efficiency
  • Lower power usage and reduced emissions compared with most competitors; also requires less water
  • Achieves cooking performance comparable to ovens requiring 40-75% more input energy
  • Easy-handle pan shelves feature safety catch
  • Condensation captured to prevent slippery wet floors
  • Self-diagnostic control panel troubleshoots and sends alert message if necessary
  • Hands-free door latch and door-mounted oven lights for easy operation
  • Heavy-duty casters help stand glide effortlessly
  • Quick access to steam reservoirs for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • No traditional deliming required
  • Available in standard and low height stand models
  • Made in America with standard components
  • Backed by nationwide, factory-trained Authorized Service Agency (ASA) network

Ensure your unit is installed and functioning properly by requesting our Groen Start-Up program. Once scheduled, we will have your equipment professionally inspected by an Authorized Service agent at no cost to you!

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