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Power Soak Intro

Affordable, high-powered warewashing that improves kitchen efficiencies and saves on labor

Take labor-intensive handwashing out of the equation with an affordable alternative to the manual 3-bay sink. Promote a more reliable and efficient method for cleaning soiled pots, pans and other kitchen wares, while creating a more stress-free and ergonomic kitchen environment. This equipment comes in four pre-configured lengths to fit all types of applications, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, casual dining, stadiums and catering.

A new addition to Unified Brands’ established Power Soak line of warewashing equipment, the Power Soak Intro offers a low-cost solution to the high-cost and time consuming process of handwashing in kitchen operations that utilize the standard three-compartment sink. Whether you’re an institutional kitchen trying to maximize your team’s time, or a commercial operator looking to boost your profitability, the Power Soak Intro is a cost-effective addition to any warewashing process.

Using a winning combination of rotating wash water, heat and detergent, the Power Soak Intro efficiently scrubs and sanitizes kitchen wares to effortlessly eradicate the most stubborn baked-on food soils.

Recognized among the industry’s top chains, institutions and fine dining operations, the Power Soak Intro is the clear choice for foodservice operations that need to balance budgets and workforce needs while setting new standards for sanitation and cleanliness.

Advanced Wash Insert can be added to tanks larger than 48"
Wash jets located evenly along the back wall of the wash tank
Power utensil basket, faucet and drains available as an option
Simple on-off controls or intelligent controls

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