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Electronic Controls – An Idea Takes Shape

As a Groen enthusiast, and also as a chef, I feel like a proud papa today! While reading the August 2017 electronic edition of FE&S magazine, there on page seven was a full page ad for The New Electronic Controls by Groen. For those who have worked on this project — Three Cheers! For those of us who will use these controls — Five Cheers!

Many have asked, if we make the best product, why change it? It’s an easy answer – a leader strives to empower designers and users to go further and be better every day. Revamping the controls and improving water resistance are major steps forward for all of us.

As a team member, I know the countless hours devoted to bringing this concept to reality. Changing a control on a pressure vessel is a daunting task. Designing the housing to an IPX6 international standard water resistance takes it to a much higher level. Doing it on the best product in its category is only done by a true leader in customer empowerment.

Ideation, user feedback, engineering, manufacturing and vendor partnerships all came together to truly change the way these products will be used. To say this breathes new life into a category is an understatement. No competitor can match the IPX6 water resistance rating of the control housing or tight control of the temperature set points. As if the market leading features of our standard control weren’t enough, additional features such as presets and the onboard timer are available on an advanced control.

As a chef, I am ecstatic. I have greater confidence that a stock, which has been carefully created, will stay at the well-controlled set point – ensuring the mixture will not boil and become unusable. With the advanced control, I can even create a cooking process assisted by onboard controls to braise pot roast or rabbit loins with repeatable results.

As an operator, I am confident the IPX6 electronic control housing will eliminate water-related service issues associated to the control and tilt mechanism inside the housing. Nothing kills monthly profitability like self-inflicted equipment damage repair.

Yes, I am biased, but for a good reason. These enhancements were made for the right reasons and take all parties involved to a higher standard.

Be sure to see the full page ad for the new Groen Controls on page seven of the August 2017 edition of FE&S Magazine.

Click here to learn more about New Groen Electronic Controls for Braising Pans and Kettles.

Enjoy the food!

Michael Williams

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