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Pizza prep solutions that help kitchens work more efficiently, achieve the highest food quality and continue growing profitably.

Today’s pizza operators understand the ever-increasing challenges of expanding topping variety and capacity, as well as managing valuable space in the kitchen. With a large selection of specialized equipment solutions that are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the United States, Unified Brands helps foodservice operations of all sizes exceed customer expectations by maximizing efficiency in the kitchen and expanding their menu offerings.

In this fast-paced market, it’s more important than ever to adapt quickly and attract highly selective customers while continuing to grow the bottom line. Our complete lineup of Randell prep tables and holding cabinets are designed for large pizza chains and independent operators alike — with features such as oversized rail drains for more time-saving cleanup and flexible, intuitive layouts that keep pizza toppings and ingredients front and center for busy staff.

Randell pizza prep table models with cold-wall conductive cooling set the standard for performance in commercial kitchens. This cooling method creates a cold blanket of air to act as a barrier to high heat environments, assuring the food products are maintained fresher and longer.

Standard features for all cold-wall models, such as independent temperature control between the base and pan areas, give operators unparalleled performance and flexibility. Randell prep tables are also designed and built for maximum durability and easy maintenance, from hinged louvers for drain access to condenser coils within easy reach for cleaning.

Conductive cooling creates a blanket of cold air above pans - base and pan rail are independently cooled for better temperature control
Quick-removing press fit gaskets for easy cleaning
Hinged louver provides easy access to rail thermostat, rail clean-out drain, and condenser coil for easy cleaning
Available in 2 rows of 1/6-size pans (shown) or in the 8000W Series with 3 rows for extra capacity
  • Temperature control with reliable, worry-free performance ensures the highest levels of food safety/quality
  • Cold-wall conductive cooling models create a blanket of cold air above prep table pans so food products stay fresher longer
  • Simple cleaning and sanitizing plus quick, easy access to preventative maintenance areas
  • Press-fit door gasket makes removal and replacement easy
  • Ergonomic pan location puts ingredients within arm’s reach
  • Customer-specific customization that fits your menu and operation
  • Wide- and dual-rail models allow for expansive topping variety
  • Built-in cooling capacity ensures temperature performance during peak hours
  • Adaptable designs and multiple configurations to suit your changing lineup, including solutions for large or small operational footprints
  • Available in 2- and 3-row or dual-rail (2-row) capacities
  • Made in America

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