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Blast Chillers

Commercial foodservice equipment designed to chill food quickly for increased food safety and quality.

When it comes to the variety of available commercial foodservice equipment, it’s easy to protect the quality, flavor and shelf life of batch-cooked foods with Randell blast chillers. The specially engineered laminar (cross-product) air flow featured with this type of refrigeration equipment allows cooling with pan covers on — all with no spills, no dry-out and minimized cross-flavor transfer.

With Randell blast chillers, operators enjoy enhanced product quality, high-volume production accuracy, increased savings and — most importantly — improved food safety. This category of commercial foodservice equipment is engineered to sense product temperature through a standard food probe. Federal food safety regulations require cooked products be lowered from 135°F to 70°F in two hours or less, and from 135°F to 40°F in four hours or less, but Randell’s blast chillers meet and even exceed safe cooling of pre-cooked products by cooling most food to 40°F within 90 minutes.

Randell offers a variety of blast chiller equipment designed to fit in place of a host of other normally found kitchen equipment, including under-counter, worktop and upright refrigerators, making the addition to existing facilities easier than ever. Randell also makes it easy to record operational performance and provide food safety documentation, either through the use of an optional onboard printer or USB port for direct downloading of data. And with one model featuring easy-to-use controls positioned conveniently at eye level, busy kitchen staff can quickly and accurately monitor cooling progress while tending to more urgent tasks.

  • Press-fit gasket makes removal and replacement easy to avoid air leakage
  • Easy installation requires zero clearance on sides and rear of unit
  • Built-in electric condensate evaporator
  • Racks adjustable by 1” increments to hold combination of 12”x20” style pans and sheet pans simultaneously
  • Simple turn on, probe and start operation (unit goes into hold mode indefinitely at 38ºF for unsupervised hours)
  • High-impact ABS door jams and door/drawer liners for superior thermal break (less sweating in humid conditions)
  • Extra insulation value in doors (with deeper profile)
  • Stepped door profile provides improved seal (minimizes air gaps)
  • Under-counter, worktop and upright models available
  • Electronic control with digital readouts
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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