Modular Chef Service Counters

Knowing how important service counters are, how do you find the right one while factoring in your floorplan?

The chef table is the heart of a kitchen. The easier the flow from kitchen to server, the healthier your operation will be. As the final touchpoint of plates before they are served, a well-planned service counter saves valuable minutes on ticket times. Randell Modular Chef Service Counters allow you to create your own “fabricated” counter without the complexity and cost of customizing from the ground up.

For more information, reach out to Product Manager Dave Rademacher at and (601) 371-6029 or request a quote here.

We offer the durability and pleasing aesthetics of a fabricated counter combined with the convenience of a pre-wired, easy-to-clean frame (or module). Our standard modules leverage a wide selection of independent prep tables and hot food holding equipment with drag and drop functionality.

A Counter that Fits Your Floorplan

Randell Chef Service Counters include 36 standard modules comprised of the following preassembled features:

• Server-side plate storage
• Double over-shelving
• Integrated chaseways
• Chef-side divider walls
• Pre-wired electrical receptacles

Modules are available in 2- or 3-sections with 9 pre-configured length options, allowing combined configurations ranging from approximately 6 to 24.5 feet.

Considering all of the options, our counters have 1,620 different combinations. Whatever your floorplan, there’s a counter for you.

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