Bus Trac Conveyor

The low-cost, high-performance solution for busy cafeterias and complex kitchen equipment configurations.

Easy to clean and operate, the Bus Trac conveyor from Avtec is ideal for soiled tray return in cafeterias of all sizes, utilizing a vertical accumulation of between 2-5 tiers to form a buffer between the dining area and dish room. This innovative commercial foodservice equipment features stainless steel baskets, carriers and uprights that are easily removed, as well as replaceable UHMWP side rails.

Heavy-duty enough to stand up to any busy cafeteria environment, the Bus Trac is sophisticated enough to prevent tray jams thanks to its variable speed control and special waterproof infrared limit switches that eliminate jam-ups and broken dishes.

With a large capacity that can handle up to 20 times the tray volume of conventional single-belt conveyors, the Bus Trac is also equipped for tray-less operation, as many of today’s cafeteria and school foodservice facilities are transitioning away from trays. This gives commercial foodservice equipment operators the flexibility they need to tailor a system that perfectly suits their needs for a dish and tray return system.

From customizable color packages to purpose-built tier configurations and unit-facing work space, Bus Trac from Avtec provides a versatile solution for large-scale cleanup while helping streamline workflow in the dish room.

Flexible design allows for multiple configurations inside dish room
Removable stainless steel or chromed baskets available in 2- or 3-tier style
Carrier inserts (standard on bottom tier) can be added for trayless operations
  • Two- and three-tiered tray carriers allow for customizable accumulation
  • All carriers and hanger brackets are removable and fit in dish machine
  • Add tray insert on every tier in lieu of bottom only for tray-less operations
  • Flexibility in tiers allows for working under unit on dish room side (can be adapted to push forward or push back scrapping designs)
  • Standard units are available from 9’ to 37’ in length, with many custom designs available as well
  • Avtec can design the dish tables, troughs and all necessary components to complete the dish room design

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