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Precise Temp FX Series

Superior commercial refrigeration designed to elevate the most critical part of your foodservice operation.

Commercial refrigeration is all about keeping the cold with the food and that’s exactly what the patented design of Randell’s FX Series system does. The FX Series features an insulated refrigerated tub on drawer slides that keeps the cold with the food as you access the storage cavity and its horizontal seal keeps the cold air in, keeping temperatures consistent while reducing stress on the unit’s compressor.

Engineered to be the superior refrigeration solution for a variety of menu items, the FX Series provides precise temperature control at the operator’s fingertips — making it easy to keep food safely within the proper range. Whether refrigerating or freezing, the FX Series delivers reliable performance when holding fish (without ice), red meats and poultry at just the right temperatures for repeatable grilling, and frozen smoothie ingredients or even milk at coffee bars to ensure consistent steaming times. Chill at precise temperatures for equipment that requires precision such as rapid cook ovens.

The complete FX Series line is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of commercial foodservice equipment — streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency with every shift, every day. In a time when adding value is critical for foodservice operations of all sizes and scopes, the FX Series line of commercial foodservice equipment delivers reliability and versatility on a scale never before possible.

The tub is removable for cleaning or clean in place allows for the most thorough cleaning and disinfecting for enhanced food safety available on the market, while its flexible design accommodates installation directly at the point of preparation — lessening the chances of contamination from moving ingredients around the kitchen.

Temperature control holds precise setting from -5ºF to +40ºF
Full-capacity tub holds product without intrusive coils and fans
  • Holds accurate temperatures +/- 2ºF
  • Holds temperature precisely from -5ºF to +40ºF, or anywhere in between, so red meat stays fresher longer (at 26ºF) and chicken is easier to fillet (at 33ºF)
  • Holds fish at 32ºF without ice, no more mess
  • Drawer delivery system features tub that moves the cold with the product, ensuring better temperature holding and provides full and easy access to loading and retrieving of product – no more slouching over and reaching to back of door units
  • Gasket in a horizontal position, eliminating damage caused by loading of product
  • Drawer tracks on outside of food zone ensure no freezing, allowing 100% of the insulated insert to be used for food storage
  • Full-capacity tub holds only product, with no coil, fan or other parts to get in the way of storage
  • Drawers allow users to put bagged product directly in the unit, eliminating extra handling
  • FX is noticeably quieter compared to traditional refrigeration, allowing it to be used in areas where traditional self-contained refrigeration designs would be too loud
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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