HyPerSteam Generator Steamers

Commercial kitchen equipment that sets a new standard for efficiency and innovation in steam cooking.

With atmospheric steam generators and powerful internal convection fans that increase steam velocity for faster cook times and improved uniformity, the Groen HyPerSteam convection steamer with a powerful side-mounted convection fan, is the capable, reliable commercial foodservice equipment solution.

Groen’s innovative design allows operators to reduce energy costs by utilizing individual generators when needed during slower periods. This increased efficiency combined with near-instant steam recovery, a free-venting drain and easy cleaning access makes the HyPerSteam convection steamer a truly indispensable part of any kitchen.

Carefully considered features of the HyperSteam convection steamer, like an exterior de-liming port and automatic fill-and-drain, help reduce or even eliminate time-consuming tasks so kitchen staff can focus on more critical elements of preparation. And with its two-probe warning system that visibly indicates when maintenance is required, Groen generator steamers make it easy to concentrate on food instead of worrying about commercial cooking equipment function.

When it comes to maintaining clean, presentable kitchen equipment, Groen generator steamers offer a polished, professional appearance thanks to their mirrored interior. They also complement and adapt to any kitchen workflow pattern with their field-reversible door and hands-free, a la carte-style handle.

For exceptional performance, efficiency and ease of use, the HyPerSteam convection steamer raises the bar for quality and innovation in commercial cooking equipment.

Side-mounted internal convection fan increases steam velocity for faster cook times
Field-reversible, hands-free door handle allows for effortless operation
Mirrored interior makes cleaning easy while maintaining professional look
  • Individual atmospheric steam generators for each cavity reduce energy costs when only one cavity is needed during slow periods
  • Waste rinses cleanly down the drain, eliminating shellfish foam-up from high-fat proteins
  • Variable capacities of three (3), five (5) and six (6) pan stackable cavities are capable of accommodating a variety of production needs
  • Near-instant steam recovery from “ready” mode
  • Easy-to-use 60-minute timer with continuous steam setting for a true “a la carte” venue
  • Exterior de-liming port improves access for cleaning
  • Two-probe warning system with indicator light offers visual reminder when maintenance is needed
  • Auto-clean de-liming via control panel
  • Dual water connection reduces waste of filtered water down the drain
  • Automatic fill-and-drain feature eliminates the need to manually transfer water
  • Hands-free, a la carte-style door handle allows for easy operation
  • Field-reversible door adaptable to any kitchen flow pattern
  • Internal condensate tempering meets federal code
  • Mirror-finished interior makes cleaning easier while maintaining a more polished appearance day after day
  • Free startup
  • K-12 two-year warranty
  • K-12 second-year performance check
  • Additional 1-year warranty with free start up
  • 5-year cavity warranty
  • Made in America

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