Intek Connectionless Steamer

Score more culinary wins in your commercial kitchen with our best-in-class connectionless steamers.

With the commercial foodservice equipment industry’s highest steam production rating in its class — 169 pounds per hour — and high-performance heating technology, the Intek Connectionless Steamer from Groen combines speed and power in one reliable steam cooking equipment solution. But even with all that speed and power, there’s no lack of efficiency.

The Intek Connectionless Steamer is ENERGY STAR® rated and uses 67% less energy than conventional steamers, making it the smart choice for cost savings and sustainability. The Intek Connectionless Steamer meets LEED compliance by using less than 1.5 gallons per hour — helping commercial foodservice operations reduce their monthly water and sewer expenses. And with no boiler or conventional generator, the Intek Connectionless Steamer requires no traditional de-liming, boiler maintenance or harsh cleaning chemicals, which saves time, money and the environment.

Most operators maintain their Intek Steamer with a simple wipe-down at the end of the day using a vinegar-water mix. This helps operators enjoy substantial savings on costly cleaning agents while spending less time and energy scrubbing their kitchen equipment, and increases kitchen safety by eliminating the need to use harsh, caustic chemicals. All in all, this versatile steamer is ideal for a wide range of facilities, including school cafeterias, healthcare foodservice operations, restaurant kitchens and anywhere there’s a need for a powerful, yet efficient, steam cooking solution.

ENERGYSTAR®-rated and LEED-certified
No water line or drain connections required
Most efficient model available according to independent research
  • Internal side-mounted convection fan provides even energy distribution throughout cooking cavity, ensuring all product cooks consistently with no hot or cold spots
  • No traditional de-liming, saving time, cost and the environment
  • Electric units offered in various KW models, and models may double as NSF holding cabinets with adjustable hold temps from 100°F to 212°F to store pre-cooked product
  • Available in six (6) pan electric units with double-stack capability, for 6-, and 12-pan capacities to meet user-demand in a single footprint
  • Solid-state controls minimize warranty costs, with no computer boards in close proximity to water
  • No pumps, no floats and no probes that could fail or be damaged
  • No water line or drain connections required, and no solenoid valves that could become plugged
  • Features heavy-duty construction built for institutional and high-volume batch cooking
  • Free startup
  • K-12 two-year warranty
  • K-12 second-year performance check
  • 5-year cavity warranty
  • Made in America

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