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Commercial refrigeration designed to help foodservice operations reach the highest levels of quality and freshness.

Randell is recognized for regularly exceeding industry standards for performance on a wide range commercial refrigeration equipment and freezers. With a selection of door/drawer combinations available, we provide commercial foodservice equipment operators with ideal levels of flexibility and configuration for their facilities.

Our point-of-use refrigerator and freezer design and legendary functionality help streamline kitchen workflow by preventing repeated trips to the walk-in cooler, which takes staff away from value-added tasks like preparation and serving customers. Compact units are primarily used for 27″ and 32″ spaces, taking advantage of every nook. And with electronic temperature control on freezers, kitchen staff can operate any unit with confidence and accuracy — even during peak meal times.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Meets 1998 NSF/ANSI standard 7, 41°F product temperature requirements
  • Exclusive designed evaporator coil mounts safely behind the door mullions and provides balanced air distribution throughout the cabinet while protecting the coil against damage from overloading
  • Press-fit gaskets on each door and drawer offer tight seals and tool-less replacement in minutes

Spec Sheets:

Engineered to be the superior refrigeration solution for a variety of menu items, the FX Series provides precise temperature control at the operator’s fingertips — making it easy to keep food safely within the proper range. Whether refrigerating or freezing, the FX Series delivers reliable performance when holding fish (without ice), red meats and poultry at just the right temperatures for repeatable grilling, and frozen smoothie ingredients or even milk at coffee bars to ensure consistent steaming times. Chill at precise temperatures for equipment that requires precision such as rapid cook ovens.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Holds accurate temperatures +/- 2ºF
  • Holds temperature precisely from -5ºF to +40ºF, or anywhere in between, so red meat stays fresher longer (at 26ºF) and chicken is easier to fillet (at 33ºF)
  • Holds fish at 32ºF without ice, no more mess
  • Drawer delivery system features tub that moves the cold with the product, ensuring better temperature holding and provides full and easy access to loading and retrieving of product – no more slouching over and reaching to back of door units
  • Gasket in a horizontal position, eliminating damage caused by loading of product
  • Drawer tracks on outside of food zone ensure no freezing, allowing 100% of the insulated insert to be used for food storage
  • Full-capacity tub holds only product, with no coil, fan or other parts to get in the way of storage
  • Drawers allow users to put bagged product directly in the unit, eliminating extra handling
  • FX is noticeably quieter compared to traditional refrigeration, allowing it to be used in areas where traditional self-contained refrigeration designs would be too loud
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Spec Sheets:

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