Steam Jacketed Kettles

Commercial cooking equipment that sets the standard for durable, efficient and uniform performance.

Already the benchmark for professional cooking equipment, Groen steam jacketed kettles have raised the bar even higher for durability, efficiency and food quality. New electronic controls allow operators in commercial kitchens of all sizes to achieve more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency.

Offering faster, energy-saving cook times in electric and gas configurations, Groen steam jacketed kettles make it easy to improve quality, lower costs and reallocate labor due to a reduced need to “pot watch.”

Groen’s award-winning lineup of steam jacketed kettles is the batch-cooking solution that offers perfectly consistent, repeatable results day after day. The Classic, Advanced and Cook2Temp electronic controls on Groen steam jacketed kettles reduce temperature variation to improve food quality and consistency while reducing labor and food costs. The Advanced and Cook2Temp controls have a 1-minute-to-10-hour digital timer and temperature pre-sets that allow cooking equipment operators to deliver consistent, repeatable results from chef to chef and shift to shift. The Cook2Temp controls have a core cooking probe for cooking product to a desired temperature, as well as a programmable step cooking option. Pre-program key cooking steps for up to 9 recipes, 4 steps per recipe, with audible and/or display alarms.

Each has an IPX6 water-wash-down control panel that minimizes repair bills and other costs of downtime, including added stress, removing menu items due to overcooking and potentially losing current and future business. This water-resistant control housing protects the electronics from humidity and spray downs during nightly cleaning of the equipment, which increases reliability and food safety.

The heavy-duty construction of our commercial cooking equipment ensures years of worry-free operation. Features like reinforced rims allow our steam jacketed kettles to stand up to the hectic pace of today’s busy commercial kitchens.

Reinforced rim and mirror-like exterior are easy to clean and maintain
316 stainless steel interior liner comes standard on all floor models
Single trunion is for all floor and table top models reduces equipment footprint
New Classic, Advanced and Cook2Temp controls allow operators to achieve even more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency
  • Floor-mounted tilting kettles offered in 20-, 40- and 60-gallon capacities with 80-gallon in gas and direct steam models available
  • Floor-mounted stationary kettles offered in 20-, 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 125- and 150-gallon sizes
  • Features a standard heavy duty reinforced rim, for ease of cleaning and preventing dents/cracks from utensils
  • Standard 316 stainless liner is more resistant to high-acid products, providing an additional margin of corrosion resistance compared to other 304-grade stainless steel kettles (optional on tabletop models)
  • Mirror-like exterior finish (tilting models only) offers a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that’s easier to clean than any other kettle on the market
  • Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, as well as any venue where batch-style cooking takes place
  • Faucet bracket standard
  • DEE, DH, TDB (excluding the TDB/6-10), TDBC, TDH and TDHC models come with choice of Classic or Advanced electronic IPX6 water wash-down rated controls
    • Advanced & Cook2Temp – Preset low (2) and high (7) settings
    • Advanced & Cook2Temp – Digital readout
    • Advanced & Cook2Temp – 1-minute-to-10-hour digital timer
    • Advanced & Cook2Temp – Kettle drops to (2) and holds at this setting when the timer expires
    • Advanced & Cook2Temp – Optional instant-read temperature features with probe
    • Cook2Temp –Auto or manual option
  • Free startup
  • K-12 two-year warranty
  • K-12 second-year performance check
  • 10-year hemisphere warranty
  • Industry-leading 23 cranks to full tilt
  • Made in America
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Warranty Information
Groen Warranty Information

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