EcoAzur Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower energy costs with industry-leading kitchen ventilation equipment.

Avtec’s new EcoAzur family of Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems maximizes energy savings during non-peak cooking times. EcoAzur DCKV, with state-of-the-art heat and optic sensors, allows commercial foodservice equipment operators to automatically and safely lower the level of air exhausted. The EcoAzur saves energy usage on the exhaust fans themselves, with the added benefit of limiting the loss of conditioned air within the kitchen.

Most DCKV systems rely on heat from commercial foodservice equipment to control the rate of exhaust, but do not address low-heat smoke or vapor which can fill a kitchen with smoke before the heat can be detected by the heat sensors. Because of this limitation, heat-only commercial kitchen systems cannot idle the fan speed as low in volume and still ensure safety standards. With EcoAzur’s optic and heat sensors, the rates of exhaust can go as low as 30% of full speed, providing the highest energy savings possible.

EcoAzur’s optics are easy to operate and maintain with their spray-down durability. Our industry-exclusive option, EcoAzur Lite, offers a heat-only solution with optic sensors as an additional upgrade after purchase and installation. EcoAzur Plus allows the addition of our modulating dampers to control air volume on ventilation hoods that are designed with a common fan, so energy is saved by each hood, not just the fan.

Each hood exhaust rate is displayed as a percentage of full speed, four hoods at a time
Plug-N-Play of all key components and communications
The EcoAzur light wave is the most efficient of all light beams
Heat sensor's temperature span is fully customizable
  • EcoAzur optics employ the most efficient light wave available, making them the most sensitive to smoke and vapor, and the most forgiving if not cleaned as often as recommended
  • EcoAzur optics are contained in a precision-machined housing built from a solid piece of stainless steel, assuring that the electronics are protected from damage while making cleaning as easy as spraying and wiping
  • Optics will flash when they require cleaning, to remind busy kitchen staff to maintain them regularly
  • EcoAzur’s Touch Pad Controller provides a simple visual showing at what percentage of full speed the exhaust fans are running – Controller can display up to 4 fan speeds at one time

*The EcoAzur equipped with the MPS module for BACnet protocol communication

  • Plug-n-play connection in the field with RJ45 cable connections – as easy as 1-2-3
  • Heat sensors are 100% customizable to the environment – the user controls the operating range (factory preset is standard)
  • Because of its potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the EcoAzur DCKV has been awarded the 2015 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award* for high standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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