Chef Bases

Elevate your commercial foodservice operation with high-performing, durable kitchen chef bases.

When specifying chef bases, reliability and flexibility must be taken into consideration. With Randell, commercial foodservice equipment operators can rest assured that they’re not only getting well-built, high-performance refrigeration equipment, they are also getting our most customizable kitchen equipment product as well. Our flexibility in sizing allows customers to specify any base configuration that suits their needs — all without sacrificing the ability to withstand the high-heat, high-grease environments often found in today’s commercial kitchens.

With valuable kitchen assets in the balance, Randell self-contained chef bases are engineered to take on the challenge. Every unit from these lines of commercial foodservice equipment comes with our patented heavy-duty drawer cartridge system and a three-year warranty on the entire drawer system. These professional-grade designs feature the top-side strength and support to handle even the heaviest kitchen equipment.

With elements like reinforced 12-gauge sub-tops, Randell equipment bases can hold up to 225 pounds per linear foot, making them an indispensable workhorse in every corner of the kitchen. By giving operators the option to configure the cooking area without modifying more expensive units like the hood, Randell’s equipment stands add convenience and value to kitchens of all sizes when space is at a premium.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Easy-to-remove press-fit gaskets in each drawer require no tools and can be replaced in just minutes
  • All Randell kitchen equipment stands are 100% front-breathing, allowing customers to seal units on the back and sides, or curb-mount the unit for a cleaner installation
  • Typically runs 25ºF cooler than traditionally designed condenser housings
  • RES models accommodate 6″ deep pans in both top and bottom drawers, LPRES models accommodate 4″ deep pans in both top and bottom drawers
  • Reinforced tops designed with 12-gauge sub-tops below stainless steel finished top, support up to 225 pounds per linear foot
  • Fully balanced evaporator coils located in between drawer sections to provide unparalleled air circulation and temperature balance throughout base cabinet
  • Self-closing drawers come with Randell’s patented fully welded 14-gauge unitized cartridge assembly, heavy-duty full extension tracks and quick release
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Available Models:

  • LPRES/RES Model, Self-Contained Refrigerated Base
  • 20000R Mode, Remote Refrigerated Base

Find spec sheets for this model on the Downloads tab.

The complete FX Series line is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of commercial foodservice equipment — streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency with every shift, every day. In a time when adding value is critical for foodservice operations of all sizes and scopes, the FX Series line of commercial foodservice equipment delivers reliability and versatility on a scale never before possible.

Standard features and benefits include:

  • Holds accurate temperatures +/- 2ºF
  • Holds temperature precisely from -4ºF to +40ºF, or anywhere in between, so red meat stays fresher longer (at 26ºF) and chicken is easier to fillet (at 33ºF)
  • Holds fish at 32ºF without ice, no more mess
  • Drawer delivery system features tub that moves the cold with the product, ensuring better temperature holding and provides full and easy access to loading and retrieving of product – no more slouching over and reaching to back of door units
  • Gasket in a horizontal position, eliminating damage caused by loading of product
  • Drawer tracks on outside of food zone ensure no freezing, allowing 100% of the insulated insert to be used for food storage
  • Full-capacity tub holds only product, with no coil, fan or other parts to get in the way of storage
  • Drawers allow users to put bagged product directly in the unit, eliminating extra handling
  • FX is noticeably quieter compared to traditional refrigeration, allowing it to be used in areas where traditional self-contained refrigeration designs would be too loud
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Available Models:

  • FX-1CS-290 Model, Cook-Top
  • FX-2CS-290 Model, Cook-Top
  • FX-1CSRE-290 Model, Cook-Top Rear Engine
  • FX-2CSRE-290 Model, Cook-Top Rear Engine

Find spec sheets for these models on the Downloads tab.

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