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Five Questions to Ask When Researching the Right Chef Service Counter

Knowing how important chef service counters are, how do you find the right one while factoring in restraints or unique characteristics of your floorplan?

The chef service counter is the heart of the kitchen. The easier the flow from kitchen to server, the healthier your foodservice operation will be. As the final touchpoint of plates before they are served, a well-planned chef service counter layout allows kitchen staff to save valuable minutes on ticket times.

Here are some important questions to ask when researching a chef service counter for your kitchen:

Are my options only off-the-shelf or custom?

In short: no. This is not a this-or-that situation. There are options available that are almost a hybrid between custom and standardized.

For example, Randell Chef Service Counters allow you to create your own “fabricated” chef service counter without the complexity and cost of customizing from the ground up. Randell Chef Service Counters offers the durability and pleasing aesthetics of a fabricated chef service counter combined with the convenience of a pre-wired, easy-to-clean frame – all while utilizing your new or existing prep and hot food tables.

A simplified offering of functional counters, Randell Chef Service Counters leverage a vast selection of independent prep tables and hot food holding equipment with drag and drop functionality.

How can I find a chef service counter that fits my floorplan?

Seemingly every kitchen floorplan is unique. That’s why physical footprint flexibility – the ability to adapt to any kind of space – is critical with chef service counters.

Randell Chef Service Counters include 36 standard modules comprised of the following features – all preassembled at the factory:

  • Server-side plate storage
  • Double over-shelving
  • Integrated chaseways
  • Chef-side divider walls
  • Pre-wired electrical receptacles

Equipment divider walls are available in 2- or 3-section modules with 9 pre-configured length options, allowing configurations ranging from 7 feet to 24.5 feet.

Considering all of the options, Randell Chef Service Counters have 1,620 different combinations. Whatever your floorplan, there’s a chef service counter for you.

How adaptable is the chef service counter for in-field additions?

It’s important to find a chef service counter that doesn’t lock you into a situation the second it’s installed.

For example, an optional breaker panel with Randell Chef Service Counters offer enough capacity to accommodate almost any field addition to the counter.

Is the chef service counter practical and built to last?

No matter how great a chef service counter is at first, it’s not worth it if it needs to be replaced early and often.

Heavy-duty construction and high-grade materials help maximize life expectancy of Randell Chef Service Counters to get you more for your investment. The counters are also pre-assembled at the factory, ensuring proper fit and easy reassembly in the field.

With a Randell Chef Service Counter, you can roll your equipment in and out for:

  • Servicing
  • Cleaning
  • Operation flow
  • Menu changes 

No uninstalling over-shelves, worrying about field welding, finding a place for wiring or not being able to clean your equipment properly.

Does the manufacturer have a history in refrigeration?

Typical custom fabricated chef lines are built to spec, but may not have the same background in refrigeration that Randell does. Though any equipment can be rolled Randell Chef Service Counter frames, bundling with Randell equipment offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

With almost half a century of refrigeration experience, Randell builds prep tables that have been perfected with time and usage, and have been modified and tweaked for superior temperature holding while offering all the right features, configurations, options and accessories – pre-configured for easy selecting.

To learn more about Randell Chef Service Counters or request a quote, contact Randell Product Manager Dave Rademacher at or visit the product page.

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