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Why is My High Speed Oven Not Cooking to the Right Temperature?

An incorrect starting temperature could be the culprit.

So you’ve recently purchased a new high speed oven that is designed to cook the vast majority of your menu items to the perfect temperature consistently (and at three to 15 times faster) than the conventional oven.

The only problem is, your customers are starting to complain. Pizzas are coming out burnt, the burgers are undercooked, and the fish for the fish sandwich? Let’s not even go there.

High speed ovens are truly a kitchen marvel, providing small operations the ability to prepare high-quality food in a manner that would have once been deemed impossible. High speed oven technology has also advanced so much in recent years that nearly 400 foods can be pre-programmed to be cooked to perfection with just the touch of a button. However, to be able to cook food at the same level of quality consistently, new users need to understand just how much the starting temperature can affect performance.

Prior to cooking, the menu item that is to be cooked must be held at precisely the same temperature as it was intended to be started at in the high speed oven. If the temperature of the food happens to be different than what was inputted into the high speed oven, chances are you will likely get inconsistent results that can have a big impact on customer satisfaction or cause a food safety issue. If a menu item goes into the oven at a lower temperature than was used to determine the proper cook time, the food can be undercooked, and if it goes in at a higher temperature, the food will be overcooked.

According to several high speed oven manufacturers, the vast majority of the service calls they receive in the first 30 days are due to the user not selecting an accurate starting temperature. So, before you go looking for the service number to find a solution, you should inspect your refrigeration equipment to verify if it is storing food properly, and at the right temp.

Using a temperature holding cabinet, such as Randell’s FX Series, can help the operator maintain an accurate temperature prior to cooking. The FX Series is designed to keep food at precise temperatures, sealing cold air in with no pour out effect when accessing the drawer. This makes the unit highly energy efficient and reduces stress on the unit’s compressor. For example, with the FX Series you can:

  • Keep temperature within + or – 2°F of the setpoint anywhere from 40° to -4°F (no matter what product you are storing and no matter how many times you access the storage compartment)
  • Stop worrying about food dehydration
  • Hold seafood without ice
  • Save up to 60% on energy by creating a cold blanket of air that does not pour out when accessing the compartment

In fact, at many foodservice equipment trade shows, you will often see manufacturers of high speed ovens using an FX Series because they recognize these same benefits!

If you have started to notice quality issues with food cooked in your high speed oven, it’s time to take a closer look at your refrigeration equipment and evaluate whether you need a solution that provides more precise temperature holding.

Storing food at the correct temperature doesn’t have to be a moving target. Paired with the right refrigeration equipment, your high speed oven can help you achieve consistency and better-tasting food faster, whenever you need it.

Dave Rademacher
Product Specialist-Refrigeration
(601) 371-6029

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