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How the EcoArch Commercial Vent Hood Can Take Your Professional Kitchen to The Next Level

No one likes to think about their kitchen’s vent (or range) hoods and the amount of maintenance they require until the day you have to clean them, right? Let’s face it, things just go a whole lot smoother when you don’t have to service that loud noise-making, pain-in-the-neck eyesore hunk of metal hanging from the ceiling.

Having to climb over kitchen equipment to grab those nasty baffles and clean them isn’t a pleasant experience. Even worse is when those guys come in once a month to “clean the hoods.” The whole kitchen becomes a total mess!

Allow me to back up for a second and explain just how much time and effort is spent on the primary tasks of food service by the people who run the kitchen. It’s a career that takes years of training and development, and requires every member of your kitchen staff to work together in unison.

Many (like myself) start out as a dishwasher, then become a cook. If you’re lucky, one day you can become a chef and an owner. And during this whole time, you are working – day-after-day, year-after-year – you’re losing your voice just trying to talk over the range hood!

You don’t realize just how loud you are until the end of the night when the hood is finally shut off, followed by a communal sigh of relief, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

The decibel level is truly amazing, and the constant hum can really get to you after a 14-hour shift. Another big factor, especially with the growing popularity of open kitchens, is the unattractive look and noise level that a commercial vent hood casts on the dining room. Trust me, customers are affected by this intrusion, and if they’re not complaining directly to you, they’re telling 10 or 12 of their closest friends that your restaurant is too loud.

I certainly remember the first time I saw the Avtec EcoArchEven from a distance it was quite impressive. The small amount of noise was the first thing I noticed. The elegant, stainless steel curve that replaced the normally-exposed greasy baffles was visually stunning. From operational, quality, accessibility and clean-ability points of view, the EcoArch commercial range hood is unrivaled.

No matter what kitchen you work in, you can’t obtain success without first acquiring the right kind of commercial kitchen equipment. From a motivational point of view, having the advantage of a clean, beautiful, quieter kitchen instills a sense of professionalism and can increase the sense of work-based pride felt among your food service staff.

The cutting-edge technology of the EcoArch commercial vent hood provides kitchens with many substantial benefits, including attractive energy cost savings and cleaner, more environmentally-friendly air. The EcoArch is available with or without UV-light grease filtration, and is designed to amplify the look and feel of your kitchen, boost the morale of your employees and simplify your cleaning process.

Click here to watch a video to see the EcoArch in action. If you have any questions, please post your comments in the section below or visit to learn more about the EcoArch and what it can do for your kitchen.

Steve D’Angelo
Electrolux Professional GroupCorporate Chef

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