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How to Dazzle Diners with Functional Cold Pans

There’s more to a quality dining experience than simply delicious food.

People eat with their eyes first, so the presentation must equally wow them. Having visually engaging displays, helpful staff and tasty food all play a part in the dining experience.

The question is, how can a self-service operation – that doesn’t require a large serving staff – harness the visual element of the equipment to get a similar effect?

More often, foodservice settings and dining halls – such as corporate cafeterias, health care facilities or other higher-end applications – are making the kitchen a showpiece for the venue, itself.

A quality serving space has become a major selling point.

How to Get Them in the Door

It’s important to find equipment that’s visually appealing and functional to maintain superior food quality and hold it at the proper temperature. After all, it doesn’t matter how nice the equipment looks. In the end, it’s the quality of the food (good or bad) that will make them come back or keep them away for good.

It’s the display, however, that “gets them in the door.”

Randell understands the need to balance a diner’s expectations with equipment that attracts them to the food, while providing and maintaining a quality product.

That’s where the Wrapped Coldwall Curved Cold Pan Model RCP-C Drop-In comes in.

Cold Pans Designed to Be Sleek and Functional

More and more, facilities are utilizing curved drop-ins to give their service space more flair without compromising functionality.

Randell recently standardized the design of its curved cold pans for serving lines to provide a pre-established footprint to help foodservice consultants and designers in creating the space. This pre-established offering makes it easy to build a counter around and form an ideal service area.

Curved pans not only give a sleek look to the layout of the serving space, its functional design encourages customers to flow through the line more smoothly. This ease of use further improves the overall dining experience.

Keeping Foods at the Proper Temperature

These cold pans are designed using our latest ultra-efficient R290 refrigeration systems, which provide superior temperature holding, cleanability and energy efficiency. This results in better food quality, more efficient labor and lower operational costs.

While the curved cold pan is now a standard option for Randell, there can still be plenty of room for customization. Randell offers it in two-, three-, four-, five-, or six-pan capacities and with a radius of 50 or 250 in.

To learn more about the Wrapped Coldwall Curved Cold Pan Model RCP-C and how it can help you visually draw diners in and keep them coming back, contact a Randell rep today.


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Product Specialist-Refrigeration
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