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Meet Power Prep Patrick: Everyone’s Favorite Health Nut

Meet Power Prep Patrick. He has a reputation for being a real clean freak and an ardent health nut – always nervous that things aren’t clean enough. That’s because he took over the tough, labor-intensive job of hand washing all the produce in his school.

Before Patrick came along, produce would get washed, but the question would always remain: had it been cleaned enough?

Now things have changed for the better, friends and cafeteria workers say. Everyone can rest easy knowing all the bananas, apples and lettuce in the school cafeteria are getting washed properly and thoroughly, every time – minus all the hassle. When Power Prep Patrick gets going, you can depend on this goody-two-shoes to keep things fresh and orderly.

Power Prep Patrick Stands Up to Dirt and Bacteria                                                                                         

Properly washing fruits and vegetables goes a long way to reducing the threat of foodborne illness.

Power Prep Patrick’s circular washing method, combined with an antimicrobial wash, helps remove more debris and bacteria than washing by hand. With Power Prep Patrick’s support, you can serve more clean fresh fruits and veggies to hungry students quickly and efficiently.

Power Prep Patrick Saves Schools Money and Time                                                                                           

Using produce that’s been effectively cleaned by Patrick means you can store it with less of the bacteria that is known to accelerate decomposition, helping you reduce waste and stretch your foodservice budget.

With Power Prep Patrick, you can extend the shelf life of your delicious produce, effectively saving you more on the produce you buy. With an upgrade, Power Prep Patrick can also help you literally “break the ice” to quickly and safely thaw frozen veggies and proteins in no time.

Power Prep Patrick Says “Let’s Dance, Produce”

Power Prep Patrick’s patented gentle, free-flowing wash action rotates produce in a circular motion, keeping the product fully immersed in each bay during washing. He works hard to clean every inch of your produce, striving for perfection in cleanliness and sanitation.

With Power Prep Patrick, there’s no need to do the hustle or overexert yourself when unloading cleaned produce. Power Prep Patrick’s self-loading baskets make product removal after washing simple, eliminating the need for foodservice staff to touch the produce with their hands.

Power Prep Patrick isn’t afraid to pull up his sleeves and do the hard work of washing large batches of produce so that your school cafeteria staff can focus on other tasks while taking all the credit for:

  • Serving more fresh fruits and vegetables to satisfy hungry students
  • Improving cafeteria workflow and organization
  • Decreasing labor by up to 90 percent
  • Increasing food quality and shelf life

We understand how difficult (but important) life in the school cafeteria can be. That’s why we’ve designed kitchen equipment, like Power Prep Patrick, that will not only make your job easier but that you’ll actually enjoy using every day.

Want to learn more about Power Prep Patrick, and what he can do for you? Take a look at our Power Soak Power Prep page.

Or visit our K-12 page to learn more about how we can help you balance your workforce and productivity needs with cooking equipment, mobile and stationary serving lines, warewashers, and more.



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