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Meet Serving Line Suzie: The Go-Getter Who Helps You Go The Extra Mile

Meet Serving Line Suzie.

She has a big personality and a reputation for attracting a large, captivated audience. A hard worker, Serving Line Suzie enjoys helping others go the extra mile when it comes to serving healthy and nutritious meals to the masses.

Serving Line Suzie’s customizability is astounding. But when it’s showtime, the way she serves up – and dishes out – meal after meal, is quite a performance. She sets the stage so that all the other performers – the Sloppy Joes, the Taco Tuesday’s and the Chopped Salads of the lunch menu – have their 15 minutes of fame.

How else does Serving Line Suzie help you go above and beyond and reach more students?

She keeps things moving & orderly

You can count on Serving Line Suzie to serve meals quickly and efficiently whether in a simple elementary school cafeteria, or to meet the growing appetites and preferences of middle school and high school students.

With interlocking units, Serving Line Suzie can be easily assembled and moved into position at a moment’s notice, helping foodservice workers accomplish other tasks so they can get on with their day.

She can keep food cool & hot

With thermostatic, independent controls, there’s no need to constantly monitor the unit’s hot and cold wells to ensure the food stays at the right temperature. This not only keeps food out of the “Danger Zone” that exists between 40-140°F, but also ensures that food tastes the way your students expect time after time.

She’s low-maintenance & customizable

Not only is each unit of Serving Line Suzie easy to maintain, but there are a variety of available finishes and aesthetics that can be applied to make an impression and generate excitement. Accessory items include menu boards, lighting, canopies and more.

Options for removable body panels and open shelving – with easily removable and installable parts – provide even more meal service flexibility for busy cafeteria staff.

Unified Brands understands how important selecting the right foodservice equipment for your school can be. With an easy solution for setting up meal service that’s low on maintenance and offers several customizable options, school nutrition managers and foodservice workers can entertain more food options that help students stay happy, well-nourished, and ready to learn.

To learn more about Serving Line Suzie and how she can help you streamline the service aspect of your school meal program, visit our Randell Serving Lines page.

Or visit our K-12 page to learn more about how Unified Brands can help you balance your workforce and productivity needs with cooking equipment, mobile and stationary serving lines, warewashers, and more.



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