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Meet SmartSteam Pro Sally: The Clever Speedster Always on the Move

Meet SmartSteam® Pro Sally.

She’s one smart cookie. SmartSteam Pro Sally must have a photographic memory because you just have to tell her once and she’s got it down. It’s no wonder her grades are at the top of the class.

It’s tough to keep up with her in the classroom but even harder outside of school, with how fast she runs around. Whether it’s shopping at the mall, sprinting on the track, or driving around town, she’s always on the move.

There are several ways SmartSteam Pro Sally’s smarts and speed come in handy:

  • She saves you money: SmartSteam Pro Sally reduces water usage up to 50 percent more than traditional steamers. She does it with high-power cooking capacity and fast recovery for successful operation through the most demanding periods of foodservice. Her easy cooking and cleaning process minimizes hands-on labor, improving time savings, and allowing greater flexibility over staffing and kitchen management.
  • By fast, we mean she’s F-A-S-T:  SmartSteam Pro Sally preps fast (under a minute to steam from ready mode), works fast, and recovers fast. A smart solution for high-production steaming, she makes cooking or retherming large quantities of food fast and easy. Her electronic timer provides controlled steaming with an audible alert when the cooking process is over.
  • She makes sure everyone eats healthy: By cooking with steam, SmartSteam Pro Sally retains more nutrients and flavor than other cooking methods. She makes food appealing – and healthy –because there’s no oil or butter. She can be used to prepare non-breaded proteins, too. Bonus! SmartSteam Sally also doesn’t need to be de-limed or cleaned with harsh chemicals associated with other generator/boiler-based units.

SmartSteam Pro Sally knows that not everyone is alike. That’s why she comes with different options to make sure she fits your needs. She comes in either countertop and stand-mounted, gas and electric, and with 3-, 5-, and 10-pan per cavity capacity. She understands you shouldn’t have to compromise on speed, taste, and cost. You can have all three! As a fast-acting, easy-to-use piece of equipment that has minimal clean-up, SmartSteam Sally makes life easier for any kitchen space.

We understand how important selecting the right foodservice equipment for your school can be. With an easy solution for setting up meal service that’s low on maintenance and offers several customizable options, school nutrition managers and foodservice workers can entertain more food options that help students stay happy, well-nourished, and ready to learn.

To learn more about Smart Steam Pro Sally and how she can help you streamline the service aspect of your school meal program, visit our Groen SmartSteamer page.

Or visit our K-12 page to learn more about how we can help you balance your workforce and productivity needs with cooking equipment, mobile and stationary serving lines, warewashers, and more.



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