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Win a Free Power Soak or Power Prep for Your Health Care Community!

Dining service professionals in the Senior Living and Health Care industry are invited to submit their information for a chance to win a FREE Power Soak Intro continuous motion warewashing machine or a FREE Power Prep Intro produce washing machine for their kitchen workspace!

Eliminate some of the most labor-intensive tasks in your kitchen and free up your staff to tackle more critical foodservice responsibilities!

Giveaway Details:

  • Starts June 24 and runs until September 24
  • Enter once daily per product to increase your chance of winning
  • Winner announced on or after September 24

For official rules and giveaway details, please click here.

The Power Soak Intro
The Power Soak Intro maximizes cleaning power by removing stubborn baked-on food with minimal manual labor. Its ergonomic design takes the back-bending and hassle out of loading and unloading pots, pans and other kitchen wares, which significantly reduces strain and improves efficiency.
The Power Prep Intro
The Power Prep Intro is specifically designed to alleviate the time-consuming process of hand washing fruits and vegetables. Its gentle, free-flowing wash action, combined with an antimicrobial wash, provides optimum removal of debris and bacteria for dramatically increased produce shelf life.
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Power Soak Intro Features

  • Simple on/off controls for easy operation
  • No strenuous scrubbing by hand or back-bending required
  • Combination of patented parallel wash flow, hot water and detergent provides deeper clean
  • Reallocates labor

Power Prep Intro Features

  • Designed to wash a variety of uncut and unpeeled fruits and vegetables
  • Thoroughly cleans produce for a longer shelf life
  • Self-loading baskets make washing produce simple and efficient
  • Eliminates need for operator to touch clean, sanitized produce during unloading

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