CapKold Cook Tanks

Boost the quality of your food with the flavor-enhancing, two-in-one power of a cook-chill system.

Ideal for preparing a wide range of menu items including roasts, vegetables and rice, CapKold cook tanks utilize the water bath method to slow-cook and process meats and other solid foods. Raw foods are inserted after being sealed in special plastic casings, then cooked in their own natural juices to bring out their full flavor and tenderness. And with available capacities ranging from 500 to 2,000 pounds, this category of commercial foodservice equipment from CapKold is designed for commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Once food is fully-cooked inside this slow-cook tank, hot water is automatically drained and replaced with chilled water to begin the cooling process. Thanks to Groen, a pioneering kitchen equipment manufacturer, the integrated control system of CapKold cook tanks allow for overnight, unattended cooking, cooling and processing — saving time and labor while increasing kitchen efficiency.

CapKold makes commercial foodservice equipment that is built to stand up to extreme conditions — and CapKold cook tanks are no different. Its revolutionary HMI touchscreen is designed to survive heavy, repeated use and both hot and cold temperatures, ensuring worry-free operation for years to come. Crafted from heavy-duty Type 304 stainless steel, CapKold cook tanks also feature a No. 4 sanitary finish to improve cleanliness and hygiene while making equipment easier to clean.

  • Baffled bottom steam jacket provides fast and efficient heating with direct steam
  • Constructed of Type 304 stainless steel (No. 4 sanitary finish)
  • Tube shell heat exchanger for heating designed for operation up to 90 psi max (operates dependably at steam pressures between 20-90 psi)
  • Pre-piped heat exchanger for cold water cooling
  • Water circulating pump ensures even temperature distribution throughout tank
  • Stainless steel wire product cooking baskets provided (each with compartments designed to hold two 10-12 lb. solid meat products and ensure separation of products for uniform temperature distribution)
  • Pre-piped for single point utility connection
  • Meat probe provided for recording internal product temperature
  • One lifting rack, one lifting frame, one dolly and one set of baskets provided with each cook tank
  • Two (2) pen chart recorders provide permanent record of product and water bath temperatures throughout cook-chill cycle
  • Additional options and accessories available
  • NSF listed

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