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REVEALED: The Best Kept Secret in Commercial Refrigeration (and Fish File Refrigerators)!

Psst … I have something to share that will knock down the barriers of commercial refrigeration equipment. No really, it will! Intrigued? Read on!

What if I told you that you could hold fish at a perfect 32°F without the use of ice? Or hold ice cream at -4°F, the perfect temperature for scooping? Or hold red meats at 28°F so the cook time on the grill is the same, regardless of the time of day?

Ok, so even if you were to forget about all of that, what if I simply told you that Randell FX Series refrigeration equipment allows you to set the temperature from -5°F to 40°F and it will hold within 2°F of that set point? Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that, but it’s absolutely true!

Compared to any other product on the market, the Randell FX Series is in a class of its own due to the superior innovative design that keeps the cold with the food and doesn’t compromise food quality. The temperature abuse that occurs during the opening and closing of a normal refrigerator throughout the day doesn’t occur in a Randell FX unit because there isn’t a “pour out” effect with a drawer versus a door.

What is the “pour out” effect? Think of it this way: You’re home on the weekend having a cookout and you go to the refrigerator with sandals on. You can feel the cold from the refrigerator hit your feet the second you open the door. This is the “pour out” effect.

Cold air weighs more than warm air, so it moves to the lowest point possible. Meanwhile, the coil continues to run and pulls in warm air from outside of the refrigerator to replace the cold air that is pouring onto your feet. This causes a temperature swing inside of the cavity and the refrigerator has to work harder to recover from having the door opened. If this happens in your household refrigerator (that doesn’t have a fan moving the air around like a commercial refrigerator), you can imagine how much more frequently it happens in a commercial-grade reach-in.

The Randell FX Series refrigeration unit turns off when the drawer is opened, but more importantly, the drawer of the unit is an insulated tub that doesn’t allow air to escape when it is opened. It uses gravity to hold the cold air around the product, protecting it from bacteria and temperature abuse. This greatly increases the shelf life of the products stored in the FX unit.

Another reason I always recommend the Randell FX Series is that it can multitask as an equipment stand (or a chef’s base on the cook line). Think about it: The equipment stand not only has to perform under the ventilation hood, but it holds high-heat cooking equipment right above the drawers. And if that isn’t enough, the product in the drawers consists of your highest-dollar items like proteins and breaded appetizers.

The FX unit’s refrigerated chef base has built-in protection that offers the best performance in the worst conditions with air gaps engineered into the sides, bottom and top of the unit. Don’t compromise on this piece of equipment by buying based on price alone. Let the Randell FX Series protect your food investment by extending the shelf life of your most costly items.

But as I mentioned earlier, the absolute best use for the FX Series is holding fish or seafood. Why? Because with a Randell FX unit, you don’t need ice to hold seafood and it will actually stay fresher longer than if you used ice buckets or bins. No more wrapping fish at the end of the night and hoping it will still be good the next day.

If you are like most people who have heard me sing the praises of the Randell FX Series, you are already questioning my sanity. But it’s all true! If you have a fish file drawer that doesn’t work and you are considering repairing or replacing it, you need to take a serious look at the FX. This precision refrigeration equipment costs less than any standard fish file refrigerator on the market today, and it continually creates savings by eliminating the need to purchase ice and increasing your products’ shelf life. Trust me, the Randell FX Series will change your life!

If you haven’t experienced how this equipment can greatly protect your product investments, what are you waiting for? The FX Series is the real deal, and one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. Click here to read more about Randell FX Series commercial refrigeration, or feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. You can also contact me directly for more information.

Steve D’Angelo
Electrolux Professional Group Corporate Chef

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