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Unified Brands provides new tools to solve modern, time-crunch problems

In the age of modern conveniences, we need everything at our fingertips.

We arrange our phone apps (and coffee pot) to make our personal lives easier.

But what about at work?

Somebody needs a spec sheet for a particular item? Sure, no problem. They want to know how to install and operate it? Time to go hunting for manuals. Wait, they want to see it in action? Do you spend fruitless hours on YouTube?

No need, just send one of Avtec’s new spec sheets.

Time Saved with a Click

The new Avtec spec sheets not only include all the detailed information about the individual equipment you need, but they also have links to manuals, videos, sales tools, and even where to find a rep.

Just click one of the links, and it loads for you automatically.

The specs also help simplify building a spec book. All of the options and accessories are conveniently located along the right border and include working check boxes. No need to print, fill out and scan them in manually. Just click the box and save a copy.

We’ve even updated the spec sheets to have multiple versions of the written spec, so you can copy the length and detail you need.

Avtec was the first of our Unified Brands to roll out these new specs, but keep your eye out for the rest of our family in the upcoming months.

Where Can I Find the new specs?

You can find these easy-to-use spec sheets at unifiedbrands.net by clicking the “downloads” tab on any of the Avtec product’s landing pages.  Avtec’s SimpleSpec line of preconfigured hood SKU’s are also available with spec sheets on AutoQuotes.

Experience the Equipment with the UB App

Want even more foodservice equipment resources at your fingertips?  Hop over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Unified Brands. The app gives you direct access to Unified Brands price lists for all brands, as well as VR and AR versions of some of our most popular models.

If you want to show a customer how steam rolls along the curve of the EcoArch energy efficient hood, there is an animated model of that. You can even see how cleaning the EcoArch hood is easier and safer for the staff since the cartridges are located at the front of the hood, over the chef’s head. The app is animated to show a cartridge being removed to show how easy it can be.

Questions about how pans roll with Power Soak’s patented front to back wash motion? Not only is there an online model to show how the unit works, but you can remove some of the stainless steel of the sink to see inside!

Want to see how a full Randell chef’s counter looks from underneath? How the torsion hinge of the Groen Braising Pan gives full access? How Avtec conveyors can simplify your dish room process? You can even see the inside of a working CapKold cook/chiller, and how you can cook and store hundreds of pounds of food at a time.

Everybody is busy, and none of us seem to have enough time in the day.  Unified Brands is trying to give you back some of that time by making things a little easier, one spec sheet at a time.  Happy shopping!

Jefferson Kenney
Product Line Manager – Ventilation
Unified Brands – Avtec
800-621-8560 EXT 6492





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