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Ventilation Education Doesn’t Need to Be Up in the Air

Commercial kitchen ventilation is one of the most difficult things to learn.

The concepts are different, the jargon is strange, and engineering ventilation systems includes responsibilities for many other trades down the line. All things considered, learning the ventilation ropes can be a little tough.

After all, colleges don’t offer classes about sizing hoods or Ventilation 101.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of everything ventilation during my years in the school of hard knocks. So much so, in fact, that I’ve created an intensive certification program to make it easier for Avtec® Foodservice Representatives to learn about ventilation. That way they can better help those who are specifying, selling, or using the equipment in the field.

Properly Designed Hoods Can Save You $$$

Hoods are the most expensive piece of equipment in a kitchen to operate.

That’s because they’re designed to only take the tempered air – heat, grease, steam, and other cooking effluents from the air – and exhaust it through the roof. This is why ventilation systems need to be designed properly.

This is where Avtec can help.

Energy Management Systems Can Make Life Much Easier

As ventilation pros, we can walk into your kitchen with the knowledge and experience needed to not only design the ideal ventilation system, but also make it easy for employees to use with our EcoAzur® Energy Management System (EMS).

Designed to reduce greenhouse gas emission while lowering energy costs, the EcoAzur EMS can be set to control up to 20 different hoods via optic and temperature sensors. The standard program automatically turns the fans and lights on when cooking begins, and then switches to the automatic mode, varying the speed of the fans – and dampers, if included.

The result? Big energy savings.

At the end of the night, if the fans are not manually turned off, the system will step down, turn off the fans, and then wait for any heat or cooking effluent to be detected. And it will turn back on if the fans are needed.

When You Want to Take Your EMS to the Next Level

The EcoAzur EMS can also be expanded to the EcoAzur Plus System, which includes motorized balancing dampers that can control up to 20 different hoods with just one exhaust fan and one supply fan. And even though all the hoods are exhausted by a single exhaust fan, the dampers and the controllable fan speed allows each of the individual hoods to operate independently from one another.

In addition to taking on all the technical design work, Avtec can also send a service tech to the site to make sure your EcoAzur is programmed properly and help troubleshoot any issues.

You can relax knowing that Avtec will do all the heavy lifting (and designing) for you – and do it in a way that’s super easy for operators to use.

And we may even bring Grizzy with us.

Just see how well our friend Grizzy from The Fischer Group does in the kitchen. If he can go without singeing his fur while cooking, and still catch all the smoke, then so can you.

Jefferson Kenney

Product Line Manager Ventilation & Refrigeration







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