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Meet Mobile Cart Callie: Voted Most Likely to Travel Beyond the Cafeteria

Meet Mobile Cart Callie. She loves to travel because she knows there’s so much to see, so many people to meet, and so much good food to go around. Having access to nutritious food can take a person far in life. That’s why Mobile Cart Callie is always ready to go, no matter where or when your school needs her.

She understands it’s not always easy to remember to fuel up throughout the day with nutritious snacks and meals. But she’s determined to change that. After all, eating healthy is linked to improved concentration, energy, and even test scores.

Why is Mobile Cart Callie such a great school nutrition ambassador? She makes meal service more accommodating, convenient, and flexible for hungry students and busy foodservice staff.

Mobile Cart Callie is Accommodating

Mobile Cart Callie knows a healthy student body = a smart student body. She puts grab-and-go and pre-packaged meal options on display, giving students more access to nutritious meals.

Finding new ways to encourage students to participate in school meal programs is good for everyone. Students benefit from having access to healthy food options. Schools benefit from having a higher reimbursement rate that can cycle back into their nutrition program.

Mobile Cart Callie is Convenient

Mobile Cart Callie knows from experience that it’s always good to have a backup meal plan.

You can give students who are pressed for time a more convenient, stress-free way to get what they need to last them throughout the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or a quick snack during the basketball game.

Mobile Cart Callie is Flexible

Mobile Cart Callie can assemble anywhere you need her to go – from the school cafeteria to hallways and other common areas. She also knows how to make an entrance, as she can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of your school and student population.

She’s also big on saving time and extra work. In addition to providing optimum flexibility in the serving location, mobile carts promote quick meals (both hot and cold) that take significantly less time to prepare and serve so that students can get on with their day, and you can with yours.

Mobile Cart Callie’s thermostatically controlled wells with independent controls also give you more flexibility to try creative options – whether that’s turning the mobile cart into a hot chocolate/coffee bar or a smoothie station that serves up cold drinks made from fresh ingredients.

Mobile Cart Callie is ready to take your school’s nutrition program on the move and beyond the cafeteria. Where’s she going? Take a look at her travel itinerary:

  • 8:00 am: Front Entrance to School – Meeting students with granola bars, fruit, milk, juice, bagels, and hot breakfast sandwiches utilizing both cold and ambient food storage.
  • 12:15 pm: School Cafeteria Hallway – Teaming up with the stationary serving lines to provide additional support at lunch with ready-made sandwiches, wraps, and veggie and fruit cups.
  • 4:00 pm: Gym – Wheeling off to the gymnasium, providing concessions for fans at the big game.

Unified Brands’ mobile carts take the customization and capability of meal delivery systems to a whole new level. Want to learn more about Mobile Cart Callie and where she can take your school nutrition program? Visit our Randell Mobile Serving Carts page.

Or visit our K-12 page to learn more about how Unified Brands can help you balance your workforce and productivity needs with cooking equipment, mobile and stationary serving lines, warewashers, and more.



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