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Chef Steve’s Kitchen: The Industry’s Best Kettle Is Born in Mississippi


The Steam Jacketed Kettle is a titan in the culinary world.

Having a tough kettle in your corner can make a big difference for a chef and nothing says tough kettle better than a Groen, who was the first to develop and manufacture it back in the day. The power of a Groen Steam Jacketed Kettle can be felt right from the start – proudly crafted in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

(Watch the video above to see the intense manufacturing process of a Groen kettle.)

Groen Kettles are durable because they are forged out of 308 stainless steel, which helps them last a long time and not corrode from acidic foods.

Just another example of the thousand things Groen does right.

As a chef, I was amazed the first time I saw a Groen Kettle being manufactured. It is mind blowing to see our Vicksburg crew bending the metal into that instantly recognizable shape.

The highest polished metal in the industry is an impressive thing to see in person, and it’s even better knowing it keeps the kettles looking new for decades. It’s hard for food to stick to the mirror-like finish – plus chefs know health boards like to see shiny things in the kitchen.

What I love most is the Vicksburg crew quality inspects every kettle they build. That’s what I call having confidence built in. And I personally know of many kettles that have been operating in the field for 60+ years and are still going strong. Here’s a university still happily using Groen Kettles that were built last century!

The evolution hasn’t stopped in over 100 years at Groen. Electronic Controls have Groen Kettles operating like high tech equipment. This gives more opportunity for precision in the kitchen and provides easy step-controlled cooking with the touch of the ol’ button.

I can’t imagine what amazing things Groen will come up with in the next 100 years!

Chef Steve D’Angelo is the Corporate Chef for Unified Brands. He can be reached at sdangelo@unifiedbrands.net.


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