Hot Holding Cabinets

Top-of-the-line commercial pizza equipment designed to preserve product integrity through-and-through.

When it comes to commercial foodservice equipment, Randell has long been the leader in pizza prep tables. Today, that innovation continues with industry-first, urethane-insulated heated holding cabinets. This category of kitchen equipment comes complete with double-pane insulated glass doors that are designed to hold hot pizza prior to delivery or pickup. Not only does this urethane insulation add structural integrity to the unit, it also keeps the exterior cool to the touch.

As a premier kitchen equipment manufacturer, Randell has designed these hot holding cabinets to foster an impressive recovery time and maintain a consistent temperature range even when the door is opened multiple times. These cabinets feature a full-height door with a solid core foam that is, like the rest of the unit, cool to the touch — making this category of foodservice equipment safe for staff.

The double-pane insulated glass Dutch design of the door also allows for quick visibility, making inventory easy in a fast-paced kitchen. Perfect for a “pizza ready-to-go” program, Randell’s heated holding cabinets feature adjustable shelving on pilasters for easy “on-the-fly” changes to fit any commercial foodservice equipment operator’s needs.

With a 36” double-front-to-back capacity for large pizza boxes, Randell helps kitchen equipment operators hold food at the right temperature so they can serve customers as they walk through the door with high-quality food instantly. And with helpful features like standard 5-15 wall outlet-based power, Randell’s heated holding cabinets literally plug into any kitchen configuration.

Available Models:

  • PHHC Model, Hot Holding Cabinet

Find spec sheets for this model on the Downloads tab.

Pass-through design features insulated, dual-pane glass
Full-length stainless steel handle for easy cleaning and improved grip
Solid-core insulated walls provide structural support
  • Uses standard 5-15 wall outlet, only requires 12amps of power
  • Better insulation of unit exterior walls and doors allows use of lower wattage elements
  • Solid-core insulated side walls give additional structural support and add better insulation properties than any type of fiberglass insulation
  • Core foaming process leaves cabinet side walls cool to the touch, allowing users to place unit close to other equipment or against a wall without risk of damage, and operators will notice little to no heat gain in their kitchen as the heat stays inside by not radiating outside
  • Dutch doors feature booth-insulated, dual-pane glass to ensure they are only warm to the touch, not hot
  • Units come with field-reversible hinges
  • Doors feature full-length stainless steel handle that is easy to grasp and easy to clean
  • Interior air ducted through convection fan, moving air through a series of engineered stainless steel ductwork and providing even air and product temperatures from top to bottom of interior
  • Electronic control allows tighter range of holding and features a digital temperature display
  • NSF, UL, cUL listings
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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