Power Prep ROI Calculator

Cleaning and sanitizing fruits and vegetables is a must for maximum food safety. A Power Prep system removes soil and contaminants from hard-to-reach places more quickly and thoroughly than manual washing. Enter your details below to calculate how much your operation can save on labor:

Step 1: Selecting Produce

Please select all of the produce you'll be washing on an average day. Check all of the boxes that apply:

Baby Carrots
Chopped Lettuce
Head of Lettuce
Large Onions
Medium Onions

Please enter the amount of each type of produce you’ll be washing on an average day:

Number of Apples?
Pounds of Baby Carrots?
Heads of Broccoli?
Number of Cantaloupes?
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Heads of Collard Greens?
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Number of Oranges?
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Next Step: Labor

Step 2: Current Labor

How many employees do you dedicate to washing produce each day?

How many hours does each one of them spend washing produce on an average day?

What is your average wage per hour for produce washing?

What % of hourly wage is spent on additional employee benefits?

How many days per year does your kitchen operate?

Step 3: Power Prep Cost

How much do you expect to spend on a Power Prep system?

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