Power Soak ROI Calculator

Fast, thorough ware washing is critical to kitchen efficiency and food safety. On average, the Power Soak system will reduce or re-allocate labor by a minimum of 50% vs. a manual 3-bay sink. Enter your details below to calculate how much your operation can save on labor. Click here to watch a tutorial video on how to use the Power Soak ROI Calculator.

Current Number of Employees Washing Pots and Pans
Hours per Employee Spent Washing Pots and Pans per Day
Wages Per Hour
% of Benefits
Days of Operation
Number of Sheet Pans Washed Per Day Through the Dish Machine
Number of Sheet Pans Per Rack

If you are considering purchasing a new 3-bay manual sink, please enter the cost below.

Cost of the Standard 3-Bay Sink You Want to Purchase  
Purchase Price of a Power Soak System

Power Soak ROI Calculator

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