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Power Soak ROI Calculator

Fast, thorough ware washing is critical to kitchen efficiency and food safety. On average, the Power Soak system will reduce or re-allocate labor by a minimum of 50% vs. a manual 3-bay sink. Enter your details below to calculate how much your operation can save on labor:

Current Number of Employees Washing Pots and Pans
Hours per Employee Spent Washing Pots and Pans per Day
Wages Per Hour
% of Benefits
Days of Operation
Number of Sheet Pans Washed Per Day Through the Dish Machine
Number of Sheet Pans Per Rack

If you are considering purchasing a new 3-bay manual sink, please enter the cost below.

Cost of the Standard 3-Bay Sink You Want to Purchase  
Purchase Price of a Power Soak System

Power Soak ROI Calculator

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