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Meet Kettle Karl: The Tough Guy with a Heart of Gold

Meet Kettle Karl.

Don’t let his tough exterior fool you: He’s got a really big heart.

People in the neighborhood love Kettle Karl because he’s an award-winning babysitter. You can leave Kettle Karl with your precious little ones and rest assured they are in good hands. No matter how many children he’s in charge of, he always keeps everything under control.

When he’s not babysitting, he’s in the kitchen – where he’s a tough dude who can take almost anything you throw at him. He means business, and you don’t need to constantly watch him to know he’s getting the job done.

Kettle Karl can help your kitchen in several ways:

  1. Sharing is caring with Kettle Karl’s large batch cooking capacity 

Kettle Karl is designed for cooking high-capacity, high-quality food efficiently and consistently. That means he can help your school nutrition staff prepare a large number of meals quickly and easily without the hot spots or scorching you’d find with traditional stock pots. He’s the best piece of equipment out there for cooking high volumes of liquid-heavy foods, such as soups, stews, chilis, and more.

  1. His precision helps optimize food temperature 

Kettle Karl allows pinpoint “cook to temperature” accuracy with electronic advanced controls that help ensure exact cook times – from 1 minute to10 hours. With superior cooking precision compared to other types of conventional cooking equipment, Kettle Karl reduces the risk of undercooking or burning.

  1. You’re in good hands with this tough guy 

Things can get busy in the kitchen, especially when you’re in charge of cooking for so many students! Kettle Karl’s precise controls reduce the need to watch the pot, allowing you to reassign kitchen staff to focus on more urgent and time-sensitive tasks of food service production.

Not only will Kettle Karl “babysit” your liquid-heavy foods while you do other important tasks, he even helps clean up! His IPX6 water-resistant control panel and Groen’s signature, high-polished finish make for easy cleaning.

Because he knows every school is different, Kettle Karl comes in various sizes to make sure you have the right kettle for your kitchen space. The high-capacity models are perfect for school nutrition programs with multiple cafeterias and a centralized kitchen, allowing for streamlining of labor while maintaining a consistent product.

We understand how important selecting the right foodservice equipment for your school nutrition program can be. With equipment that’s low on maintenance and offers several customizable options, kitchen managers and their staff can entertain more food options that help students stay happy, well-nourished, and ready to learn.

To learn more about Kettle Karl and how he can help you streamline the production of your school meal program, visit our Groen Steam Jacketed Kettle page.

Or visit our K-12 page to learn more about how we can help you balance your workforce and productivity needs with cooking equipment, mobile and stationary serving lines, warewashers, and more.



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