Breakfast / Mobile Serving Carts

Expedite foodservice operations and reach customers wherever they are with versatile, mobile delivery carts.

À la Cart’s mobile serving carts take the customization and capability of meal delivery systems to a whole new level. This multi-functional meal delivery system offers a wide variety of meals and snacks from one easy-to-use mobile serving point. These commercial meal carts can be used to deliver breakfast to the hospital or healthcare bedside, or supplement foodservice equipment in college/university/K-12 school systems, or the hospitality setting.

Whether serving continental breakfast or hot options, foodservice staff can take advantage of this complete meal delivery cart’s numerous applications — and with helpful features like dishware storage, a hot well for soup and a beverage service area, this innovative design can complement any meal delivery system at any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Between meals, mobile serving carts can easily transform into snack carts, offering valuable revenue-generating potential through the service of light meals and snacks to visitors and staff. This all-day capability translates to maximum ROI and makes the breakfast/support cart an around-the-clock workhorse for foodservice staff.

The cart’s stainless steel body panels also offer the opportunity for personalization with custom applied graphics — maintaining a branded appearance as the cart moves throughout the facility. Whether it’s mealtime or just time for a quick snack, the breakfast/support cart from À la Cart provides foodservice professionals with a flexible, capable meal delivery system that always fits the bill.

Fully insulated draw with optional eutectic plates for cold food serving
Hot food serving made possible by full-size hot well
Fully insulated draw with optional eutectic plates for cold food serving
  • Features a full-size 12” x 20” hot well that is thermostatically controlled for hot food serving
  • Features a fully insulated, removable draw with eutectic plates for cold food serving
  • Dedicated platform with drip tray for hot beverage service
  • Dry ingredient bin: 6” x 18” x 26”
  • Equipped for ambient food serving over shelf with condiment rail (pull-out draw with ingredient bins)
  • Pull-out trash can under counter
  • Two (2) fold-down side shelves
  • Stainless steel construction with optional customized applied graphics
  • 4 casters included
  • Disposable cup/bowl dispensing tubes (8 to 44 oz. cup size, up to 5 ¼” diameter)

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