Electronic Controls for Braising Pans & Kettles

Boost your cooking consistency, food quality and cost savings with our innovative electronic controls.

Our braising pans and kettles are already known for excellent temperature control, but the new Classic, Advanced and Cook2Temp controls allow operators to achieve even more precise temperatures for maximum cooking consistency in the casual dining, institutional, commissary, K-12, college/university, hospital and hotel markets, plus much more.

The Classic, Advanced and Cook2Temp controls deliver precise temperatures to help kitchen operators improve their food quality and consistency while reducing labor and food costs. Designed specifically for this category of commercial cooking equipment, the control panel is IPX6 rated for water-washdown, which provides greater reliability to minimize repair bills and other costs of downtime, including added stress, removing menu items and potentially losing current and future business.

The Advanced and Cook2Temp controls have a digital display for better visibility, plus low and high temperature pre-sets and a 1-minute-to-10-hour digital timer that allow less experienced operators to execute exactly what is expected without the guesswork.

The Cook2Temp controls also have a core cooking probe for cooking product to a desired temperature, as well as a programmable step cooking option. Pre-program key cooking steps for up to 9 recipes, 4 steps per recipe, with audible and/or display alarms.

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Classic Controls

  • An easy-to-use, cost-effective option for improved cooking consistency and food quality
  • More precise temperatures than mechanical controls
  • IPX6 water-washdown rated on control housing

Advanced & Cook2Temp Controls

  • More functionality than Classic controls for even better quality and consistency
  • More precise temperatures than mechanical controls
  • IPX6 water-washdown rated controls
  • Preset low and high settings
  • Digital readout
  • 1-minute-to-10-hour timer
  • Unit drops to low preset temperature when the timer expires
  • Optional cook-to-temperature and instant-read-temperature features with probe

Cook2Temp Controls

  • Auto or manual option
  • Core cooking probe for hitting a desired temperature
  • Pre-programmable cooking steps for culinary staff for up to 9 of your favorite recipes — include up to 4
    steps per recipe with audible and/or display alarms to prompt chef to add, flip or stir ingredients

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