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Simplifying Hood Selection

Selecting the Right Kitchen Ventilation Hood Just Got Much Easier

Sometimes the hardest part of a new project is just finding the starting point.

(Case in point: I stared at a blinking icon on my laptop for 6 minutes trying to figure out how to start this blog post.)

With all the different types and styles of hoods, selecting the right kitchen ventilation system can be difficult. It’s easier when you already have full cooking lineups because you can choose a hood you’ve used before or one you’re comfortable with – I’d suggest Avtec’s Eco Arch.  But when you’re working on smaller or specific applications, that might not be the best way to go.

A new tool comes to the rescue

With the release of the new SimpleSpec Price Guide by Avtec, we’ve taken the need to figure out hood applications and condensed them into intuitive labeled groups, along with the most common accessories.

For example, item-specific Type I hoods, like the fryer and chain broiler, include Ansul R102 piping in addition to the normal options.  All hoods, except for the dish room, include auto start sensors with a delay timer. If the hood has lights, they’re prewired to the junction box that houses the auto start sensor, so the electrician only has one connection box to look for.

No matter the application, the right hood system is there for you.

SimpleSpec: Finding the right option to fit your application

If you’re a pub or C-store wanting to expand your menu and add fried food, look at our fryer hood section. You’ll find backshelf-style hoods that are already designed. You simply choose the hood based on how many fryers you want and whether they’re 16.5-inch or 20-inch fryers.

Want to add a conveyor pizza oven for pizzas or wings? There are cap style hoods already fit for the five most common oven sizes.

TV commercials showing automated broilers cooking up perfect hamburgers make it look awfully easy to add to a menu. But what hood is best?  Yes, we have a plan for that, too.  The chain broiler hood is designed as a low proximity hood to limit the exhaust and maximize capture. It limits the size of the duct work and impact to HVAC in the space.

Have a hotel adding an omelet station to your breakfast options?  That calls for display cooking hoods. In fact, there are ROUND display cooking hoods. They’re already kitted up with duct enclosure, lights, auto start sensors per code – everything you’d need ready to go in a factory-designed UL Listed kit.

There’s also a section for the dish room where we’ve made SKUs for hoods to serve door machines, pantleg ducts for 44-inch or 66-inch machines, or single duct risers to fit vent cowls.

Working on budget numbers for a new restaurant?  There are packages of standard box hoods from 4-feet to 12-feet, equipped with wall panel, top enclosure and auto start sensors.

Resources available to create a successful restaurant plan

Each of these hood packages in the new SimpleSpec Price Guide has an SKU that includes all of these options to make specifying and ordering a snap. There are spec sheets, CAD drawings, Revit files, renderings and installation manuals available for use on submittals or helping an end user visualize how it works in their space.

This is also the first time Avtec will be listed in AutoQuotes! The SimpleSpec interactive price guide is available on the HERE, for your convenience.

Creating a successful restaurant plan can be hard, but selecting the right hoods just became a lot easier!


Jefferson Kenney

Product Line Manager Ventilation & Refrigeration


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