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3 Ways Pizza Restaurants Can Achieve a More Consistent Product

Few things are more important for a restaurant than consistency.

Your pizza restaurant’s brand image is built on the consistent quality of your pie – a customer knows they’ll get a quality pizza with you every time.

In the culinary world, that consistency helps win coveted customer loyalty. There are too many options for customers to return to a pizza place they didn’t enjoy. If somebody has a great experience with your pizza, though, they will come back. Again and again.

One critical component of a consistent pizza is nailing the perfect amount of cheese every single time. With that in mind, here are three ways to ensure you use the right amount of cheese:

Follow a handy chart

Having a chart that tells employees the correct portions of cheese for all sizes and styles of pizza is an effective way of building consistency.

A large pepperoni pan pizza? Here’s how much cheese you’ll use. A small cheese thin crust? This is what you’ll need.

Ideally, this chart would be highly visible in the right area of the kitchen.

It is a simple reminder that can make a major difference, particularly with newer employees who are still being trained.

Maximize cheese pan capacity

Especially if there are no guidelines in place, people will psychologically be less likely to skimp out on cheese if the pan is full. However, when the pan is nearly empty, employees may tend to use less and move the pizza along before going to refill the cheese pan.

While limited space can be a factor, maximizing the size of your cheese pans can give you an advantage. Larger cheese pans also result in fewer trips to the walk-in cooler for refills.

Invest in modern equipment

There is equipment that can be a tremendous boost for pizza consistency.

The Randell Cheeser Station® has a refrigerated holding bin that holds up to 30 pounds of cheese and has a scale option. A grate situated above the holding bin helps collect cheese waste that would otherwise fall to the floor during pizza prep.

This means not only do you get 100% cheese utilization, but your employees can also weigh each pie to make sure you’re creating the most consistent product possible

This is incredibly important to minimize waste while keeping customers – and your budget – happy.

Visit to learn more.

There’s a time for art, but there’s a time for science

There’s an art to making the perfect pizza.

However, sometimes it’s better to treat pizza making as a science.

By providing highly visible guidelines, maximizing cheese pan capacity and investing in the right equipment, you can replace hard-to-quantify directions (“Take three handfuls per pizza”) with something more clear-cut: “Each pizza should have 0.8 pounds of cheese.”

This consistency helps boost customer loyalty by building your brand image because your pizzas have the perfect amount of cheese every single time.

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