the Randell Cheeser Station®

Every shred of cheese that doesn’t land on the pizza during prep becomes waste that adds up significantly over time. This little-by-little waste can drain potential profits.

Thankfully, help has arrived.

The Cheeser Station’s practical design holds up to 30 pounds of cheese with 100% utilization, builds customer loyalty by improving consistency and helps you grab people’s attention with new, exciting menu offerings.

With the combination of eliminating cheese waste and controlling cheese use at the desired level, operators can see payback in as little as 6 months.


What Can the Cheeser Station Do for You?
Full Utilization of Cheese

Refrigerated holding bin with 30-pound capacity utilizes every shred of cheese during preparation to eliminate waste.

More Consistent Product

A scale option ensures you use the perfect amount of cheese every time to create the most consistent product possible.

Expanded Ingredient Options

Removing cheese from the prep table provides an opportunity to add new ingredients for attention-grabbing menu options.

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