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How Can Pizza Restaurants Use ‘Foodie Culture’ to Their Advantage?

Foodies are no longer a niche audience.

According to recent research, more than half of Americans (53%) consider themselves a foodie and 62% would go to an event solely for the food. In fact, a majority of those surveyed said they’d put up with a long line for food to try something new.

With the rise of foodie culture, the ability to offer a wider range of menu options becomes a competitive advantage for pizza restaurants.

Having really good pizza is now only half the battle. Sometimes having out-of-the-ordinary, exciting pizza – Korean BBQ pizza, for example – can be a useful strategy for getting customers in the door

Particularly with Gen Z and Millennial audiences, offering new and interesting pizza options can be a difference-maker. Pepperoni pizza may always be top dog, but a diverse menu will make you stand out to customers who want something different.

Finding space for new ingredients in a crowded kitchen

Most pizza restaurants with cheese in the prep table understand that space is limited for new ingredients.

Say hello to the Randell Cheeser Station®.

The Cheeser Station is a refrigerated holding bin that accommodates 30 pounds of cheese with a stainless steel grate to hold the pizza during preparation. Whoever is preparing the pizza sets it on the grate and reaches down into the holding bin to get the right amount of cheese.

By holding 30 pounds of cheese, the Cheeser Station creates a significant opening in the rail. With the newly freed-up space, you can add new ingredients and expand your menu options.

Buffalo chicken pizza? Why not. A bacon-inspired pizza? Imagine the buzz on social media when people hear about that.

We know space is a premium in a pizza kitchen. The Cheeser Station’s footprint is small – only 2 feet wide – but the impact it can have on adding mouth-watering and attention-grabbing toppings is anything but little.

Finding out how to stand out in a crowd

Pizza is a crowded party.

When customers search “pizza” on a maps mobile app, countless options pop up. On social media, users will stop scrolling when they notice a pizza style they’ve never seen before.

Expanding menu options provides the tools necessary to capture the highly allusive attention of Millennial and Gen Z audiences and help your restaurant stand out.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cheeser Station, visit or contact Randell Product Manager Dave Rademacher at

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