Utility Distribution Systems

Free up kitchen equipment and increase profit margins with utility systems engineered for superior versatility and flexibility.

A leader in kitchen equipment manufacturing, Avtec invented foodservice Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) to save money and installation hassles with convenient one-point connections for all utilities. UDS also provide increased peace of mind with features like fire-fuel equipment shut-off, ground fault equipment protection, digital timers, LED read-out, fan controls and magnetic motor controls.

Sleek, safe and flexible, Avtec UDS provide easy access to all main utilities and a single point of connection for electricity, gas and water, as well as steam and condensate return and steam. Each UDS is customized to meet specific needs so that all commercial foodservice equipment — or just one connection — can be assembled and relocated exactly where needed without costly remodeling.

Avtec offers maximum flexibility with four unique UDS designs available to fit your specific kitchen and budget — from the heavy-duty E-Series and medium-duty M-Series to the end-mounted R-Series and economy-level Loco Series. All Avtec control system electronics are 24-volt and solid state, with quick disconnects for easy replacement. All necessary safety features are conveniently built into the UDS assisting the master design from the start and as your commercial foodservice equipment needs grow and evolve.

Ever since Avtec introduced the concept to the commercial foodservice equipment market in 1970, our experts have been constantly refining the design — offering a superior product that helps operators lower connection costs, simplify installation and make future foodservice equipment changes with ease.

4x12" plates are interchangeable for added flexibility and expansion
System features GDR gas control board
6" or 8" wide reconfiguration available
  • Available in 6″, 8″ and 12″ widths
  • Model options include E-Series, M-Series, R-Series and Loco Series
  • Available configurations include overhead, counter-mounted, conveyor-mounted and tray slide-mounted as well as the Electrapole portable power unit design
  • Breaker and outlet on same removable plate for added flexibility when changing connections

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