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Solve food temperature consistency and quality issues with cutting-edge prep table kitchen equipment from Randell.

Randell is the industry leader in the performance-driven prep table category, providing a solution to some of the biggest kitchen challenges faced by commercial foodservice operators — maintaining optimum food quality and consistency. These commercial kitchen tables come in both standard and custom designs, and are specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the United States.

Our split systems are designed to hold foods at precisely the ideal temperature with our wrapped wall systems engineered for high-heat kitchens. Our refrigerated prep tables offer unsurpassed temperature control even in the toughest commercial kitchen environments.

Because commercial kitchen equipment operators understand exactly how their staff works together, Randell offers them the unique opportunity to design these commercial kitchen tables so they can adapt to any workflow. This option not only leads to increased productivity, but makes cleanup more efficient than ever.

Operators want consistency in their menu items and Randell’s prep tables promote consistent food temperatures, giving commercial foodservice equipment operators one less area to be concerned about. And with more prep tables to choose from than any other kitchen equipment manufacturer — including options for pizza, sushi, sandwiches, salads, Mexican and chicken chains in addition to the fastest-growing fast/casual chain in the United States — Randell is truly a one-stop source for a full spectrum of foodservice applications.

Features like press-fit gaskets help reduce time-consuming service calls. This gives kitchen equipment operators the ability to easily remove and replace parts on-site and keeps refrigerators running at optimum temperatures. Prep table models also include raised rail, mega-top side compressor and compact rear compressor designs to suit any specific need or space — making Randell an indispensable part of any modern commercial kitchen.

  • Wide variety of prep table models available dependent on application
  • Exclusive standard model mega-top wrapped wall system perfect for breading or other high heat, messy operations — supplied with drain for easy clean-up
  • Standard wide wrapped rail prep table to allow expansive toppings — also supplied with rail drain and clean-out valve located in the compressor housing for easy clean-up
  • Split system on wrapped wall models ensures rail and base are kept at proper temperature — never compromising between the two areas
  • Thermostatic or electronic controls for top and bottom section allow operator to adjust temperatures without calling service agent
  • Center-mounted mullion coil located at top of space to ensure even cooling; a separate thermostatic control (or electronic control on wrapped coldwall units) is located on the coil to control the base separate from the rail
  • Forced-air cooled 9000K side compressor and 9000 series forced-air cooled compact rear compressor models feature ducted and directed air flow to assure maximum pan cooling for any need or space
  • Drawer systems on side compressor units feature patented heavy-duty drawer cartridge system, with a 3-year warranty on the entire drawer system
  • Meets or exceeds NSF-7
  • Press-fit gasket easy to remove and replace, eliminating the need for service agents to replace gaskets
  • 100% front-breathing with zero clearance on sides and back (zero clearance on bottom on side-compressor models)
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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