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Kettles expand a commercial kitchen's capabilities.

Kettles help cooks turn “nothing into something,” which can make a huge difference to a professional foodservice operation’s overall efficiency and profitability.

From the award-winning lineup of Groen steam jacketed kettles that offer perfectly consistent, repeatable batch-cooking results day after day to the extensive CapKold equipment assortment that delivers exceptional mixing and blending results for a wide range of food products, we can help your commercial kitchen achieve greater menu versatility and expand food preparation capabilities.

CapKold Kettles
CapKold Kettles

From advanced touchscreen controls to digital recording and labeling, CapKold cook/chill and sous-vide technology keeps you and your staff ahead of the curve every day and with every meal.

Steam Jacketed Kettles
Steam Jacketed Kettles

Offering faster, energy-saving cook times and direct steam in electric and gas configurations, this equipment makes it easy to improve quality, lower costs and reallocate labor.

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